Allen Strange Electronic Music Systems Copy - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Modular synthesis resource. allen strange electronic music 2nd edition highest quality i could find. sucks that its Can't get the PDF to load on my Nexus 5 for some reason. (Note: post I don't normally pirate but I'd love a PDF copy if someone has it please! EDIT: A.

Allen Strange Electronic Music Pdf

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I don't normally pirate but I'd love a PDF copy if someone has it please! the first search result when you google for 'strange electronic music systems pdf'. smile. Electronic Music book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. MB. Allen Strange's “Electronic Music: Systems , Techniques, and Controls”. MW can sometimes be useful if.

I downloaded it, but the file size looked suspiciously small. However, in my zeal, I rationalized that it was probably compressed. So, like a fool.

Allen Strange Electronic Music Systems Copy

I executed it. My updated virus software hadn't detected it and it took me over 24 hours to completely rebuild and recover my PC. I contacted them and they informed me that they no longer offer it. A couple of weeks later, while cleaning out my studio, I found a copy of the book that a friend had given me years before as part of a collection of synth books and magazines.

Moral of the story?

Do you need me to spell it out? If you find a copy, never, ever let it go.

That, or hang on to it for a few years and sell it to help pay for your kid's college. I have the edition published by Wm. Brown - borrowed it from my music teacher Mrs. Reissen, if you want the book back get in touch - and learned a ton of things on synthesis.

Strange does a commendable job explaining the hows and whys. I would agree with the other reviewers on it's applicability to todays synths.

This is basic, root stuff you need to know. This book helped me "visualize" what was happening when adjustments were made.

I think the only thing I found "quaint" was the example of the Beatles' "Her Majesty" being used to illustrate "panning". The fact that the whole tune moved from one side to the other was most likely Mr.

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Strange's raison d'etre - I can't and don't fault him there anyway. If you are interested in synthesis beyond presets this is the book to get. Allan Strange's book is perhaps the definitive text on modular synthesis methods, written from a standpoint that's musically understandable, as opposed to requiring a part-background in electronic engineering to understand.

Not that Strange doesn't go into the engineering concepts; he most certainly does, but everything here is treated in such a balanced, even manner that allows those interested in the musical concepts to have their desire for information satiated, and those looking for engineering concepts will find the book equally well-ordered.

Useful both as a textbook and a reference document, the book also contains numerous illustrations and diagrams of modules by Moog, ARP, Buchla et al.

I consider this to be an invaluable work for those exploring modular or most any other analog synthesis methods, and I also consider it nigh-criminal that such an important work should be allowed to go out of print. Someone should pick this back up and reissue it!

From the basics to the most advanced techniques for sound synthesis, this is the definitive text. I do not have the faintest notion as to why this book is out of print.

Every bit of information in its or so pages is as current for the understanding and programming of todays virtual and hardware synths as it was to the modular synths of the 70's when this book was written.

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It is an incredibly easy read considering the depth of the information presented. As an example, in reading this book, I now understand how and why I can use a ring modulator as an audio gate. Ever wonder why you can reproduce a 20 kHz sine wave with only two samples if sampling at 40kHz as per the Nyquist criterion.

The straightforward explanation of the concepts of electronic signals will help you in the understanding. I feel comfortable with additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, what FM is, what AM is and how these techniques are applicable in generating and sculpting electronic sounds. Find a copy of this book -if you love creating electronic music. With any freeware synth there are so many available on line -Crystal 2, Synth1, SynC are favorites you will never be bored.

Never use presets again. Create and understand the design of sound!

The class was using this book that he wrote. The class was a blast because it was an exploration of synthesizing sounds.

You could do not wrong in his class. He was a free wheeling dude with an incredible sense of humor and irony. I wonder where the copyright for the book is now. It deserves to reach new audiences. The only real rule is: This book is great!

Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls

On a related note, the Nord Micro Modular is a great way to learn modular synthesis as well. Though you might be spoiled by how much you get from such a small box. What did I forget?

Lots of ways to learn about modular synthesis without making a major investment in new hardware. And it gives you an idea of what you might want on a hardware system. I simply run the windows editor inside of a virtualized windows environment. It can be particular about your midi interface as well.

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Compiled and Edited by Frank J. It is an incredibly easy read considering the depth of the information presented.

Strange received two grants from the San Jose State University Foundation and for research into electronic music and in became professor of music and director of the electronic music studios at the university.