and address changes contact Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®, . in selling Craft Beer &. Brewing Magazine® in your shop or brewery, please contact us at. timing or temperature of the brewing process, master brewers create today's American beer drinkers had little exposure to any beers except the dominant pale . wouldn't want to be in charge of their own beer magazine! But seriously, one of I started to make home brew that I began to realise how amazing the craft beer scene was in. New Zealand. Pdf file format for artwork preferred. Advertising.

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For people who love to drink and make great beer. Home | Craft Beer & Brewing. The Best Craft Breweries, Brewpubs & Beer Bars in the U.S. West. suggestions, and insight from the editors and writers of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. You may then organize the magazine issues into collections. The PDF is equivalent to Digital Magazine formats as experienced on readers such as the site.

Submitted by sleffler27 on Sat, The web only version is a poor substitute for what your subscribers were expecting.

Simply suggesting subscribers contact "account services" falls far short of the obligation you have to your readership. As an original Lifetime subscriber, and having been patient with the difficulties of publishing in the past, I have submitted my concerns, and encourage all other subscribers to do the same.

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At this moment, I feel betrayed by Beer Connoisseur, and implore you to honor the simple request of delivering what your subscribers expect via the subscription contract. Cheers, BC.

Submitted by sleffler27 on Mon, It is just unfortunate that we were informed via a passive notice. Submitted by brentwhetstone on Wed, Submitted by blazindealz on Sat, This is unacceptable that you cancel something I paid for and one of the reasons I subscribed in the first place.

I mean, how hard is to create a PDF? You could email it to the people who want it.

Clearly not interested in your subscribers but only the subscription fee. You should just fold up now since you're not really a magazine anymore.

Good riddance. Matthew P.

Oskar Blues Releases Steep Coast Strata Double IPA

Josh Weikert. System Update: Review How You Brew Updating your brewery can be one of the healthiest things you can do, says Josh Weikert, as he leads you on a walk-through of a prospective system-reboot process that will enable you to get the most out of the time you spend brewing. Podcast Episode La Cumbre's Jeff Erway: Jamie Bogner. Todd Boera.

Knowing the Ways of the Wine Barrel Jeffers Richardson, the former barrel master of Firestone Walker Barrelworks Buellton, California , explains how using wine barrels for beer has evolved and what they look for and expect when working with wood that once housed vino.

Jeffers Richardson. Generic Brand Human.

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Parish Brewing Co. Breakout Brewer: John Holl.

Adam Avery: Laying a Foundation for the Future and Focusing on Quality and Innovation Adam Avery of Avery Brewing has seen a lot of cycles in craft beer over his past 26 years in business, and is bullish on the future.

Spike Brewing.Todd and Jason Alstrom Likewise, its beer database, forums and events business will continue on.

West Coaster San Diego Beer Magazine

December 2. Another factor considered is that current commercial examples do not always fit well into the historical record, and instead represent a modern version of the style.

From the website grew an active online community with hundreds of forums, several events—including multi-day festivals—and, of course, a print magazine. We had two choices: to take them to court and kick them out, or just change the way we do things.