Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What . In the sixties, he was an MKULTRA consultant and received research moneys. connection to MK Ultra, the CIA's covert mind control research program that was active . Fritz Springmeier On How MKULTRA Trauma Mind Control Is Now Being. Used on Entire Springmeier - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula .pdf. Fritz Artz Springmeier is an American right wing conspiracy theorist author, formerly a resident Project: Final Report (PDF), NY, NY: The United States Agency for International Development, archived (PDF) from the original on

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Springmeier Ezekiel Spiritual Warfare NWO illuminati freemasons witchcraft mkultra monarch. Topics: fritz springmeier, HAARP Angels. But Communists, like the super rich families, are not the enemies of things, I, Fritz Springmeier, wrote between and about the top 13 families. Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier; Bounding the Global War on Project MKULTRA, the CIA's program of research in behavioral modification.

It is somewhat difficult to explain unless readers are already familiar with the bigger picture.

Brush up on the History of MK ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control

People, who have sat in on Illuminati meetings where their 20, 30, and 50 year plans were discussed, will explain how the Illuminati wanted to break down the family structures and bring violence into the schools. This is Ordo ab chaos. However, the schools had rules to protect themselves from dangerous violent activity done by children, so they had to create violence in the streets, to get violence into the schools by the backdoor.

Stalkers were part of the program to create violence. Another purpose stalkers serve for the Illuminati is that they make excellent spies if they get attached to someone. They will find out everything they can about that person. Their minds will creatively invent all kinds of ways to get information about their fixation. How does the Illuminati program a child to become a stalker? They have the programming techniques to create a stalker down to a fine science.

In short, it consists of 1. This creates a side-effect of homosexuality. The mental mechanics of this side-effect are that the male has an unmet need for men. The Illuminati will manipulate this latent homosexuality but not allow its expression. They want to continue to strengthen the apron strings that attach the child to the mother image. Meanwhile they utterly destroy all self-respect and self-image of the child.

It is totally disgraced so that its only identity is its identity with its mother figure. The child can not stand on its own two feet without the support of the mother-figure. When the boy approaches puberty, they are watched very closely by the Illuminati, be that in a military school or tightly controlled cult family setting, etc. They do not want the apron strings to ever be cut.

They want them to remain dependent when they would naturally become independent. The victim of stalker programming will never emotionally grow out of that age of about when boys would sever the ties to their mother. They stop growing emotionally at about age This is all carefully crafted by the Illuminati.

These young men never understand themselves or their programming. They make good spies. This is because it is a survival instinct that has been harnessed by the Illuminati programmer. Because this programming is laid in at the reptilian first brain level, these stalkers can be violent without a higher brain conscience, and their minds will manufacture some justification to protect this survival need to stalk.

The mind protects itself, so they have a strong denial system. Every time someone "rejects" them, it triggers their programming. The scientific research in this area has been kept quiet, but from an ex-Illuminati programmer it is clear that they are aware of much more about the unborn child in the womb and its thinking processes than the public knows about. This book is written from a loving Christian viewpoint and incorporates scientific research about the thinking of unborn children.

Just one example of the learning abilities of the unborn child, an autistic child remembered the english her French speaking mother was around during work while the child was in the womb. Veiny writes, "The fetus can see, hear, experience, taste and, on a primitive level, even learn in utero that is, in the uterus--before birth.

Bin Laden's Bookshelf

Maternal thoughts, feelings, actions, and fears all reach the child in the womb and affect the child. The maternal bonding with the child while in the womb is also critical. Researchers have been unable to pinpoint when a baby in the womb begins to think, and have a consciousness, but some theorize that it goes back clear to the beginning of conception.

One study taught fetus babies to kick on the cue of a vibration. The researchers have determined that the unborn child hears what is being said around it, and is beginning to associate its language skills around the voices it hears.

The unborn child hears and reacts differently to different music played. Soothing words and soothing music will calm a fetus. One conductor remembered into his adult years, the cello music that had only been played while he was an unborn child.

According to excellent research, the start of awareness is clearly evidenced between the 28th and 32nd week. This is why the Illuminati can get away with causing so many preemie births to enhance dissociative abilities. From the 32nd week on the child shows that it carries out REM sleep. It is also interesting the children, teenagers and adults have widely divergent sleep patterns but the time spent in REM sleep stays constant. Researchers have been able to trace memories going back to the sixth month of pregnancy.

In other words, from the sixth month of pregnancy onward, some of what the unborn child learns will be remembered. See pg. This is why the Illuminati has made a point of having the unborn child hear the voices of people who will play a role in the trauma and programming of the child.

The child may already know the hypnotic voice of one of its cult programmers at birth. Unborn children do not like to be poked at. In the eighth week of life, the unborn child is already using his physical abilities to show that he dislikes intensely to be poked.

One of the early fetus traumas, that the Illuminati like to carry out is to poke the fetus with a sharp object to make it dissociative in the womb. By the fourth month, the unborn baby is making facial expressions.

Sometimes children are tickled during medical exams. The child can be overwhelmed while in the womb with horrible sounds, bad tastes caused by what the mother eats, being touched in ways that it dislikes, etc. Rock music drives unborn children crazy. Programming drugs that cause particular thinking in the fetus can also be administered.

Can one see that the traumatization to cause MPD can easily start in the womb? In fact, with many Illuminati babies, they do create womb splits, and have even started trying to teach Christ to the child while in the womb, to speed up the process of when they will purposefully make the child feel rejected by God and to experience the black communion with Satan. The foundation of trauma-based total mind-control is fear.

The foundation of fear can begin to be layered in while the child is still unborn. The unborn child has near-sighted seeing. A long-term unresolved personal stress on the mother will be one of the worst stresses her unborn child has to deal with.

Short term stresses are soon forgotten by the child. Somehow, the love that the mother has for the child is transmitted to the child, and forms a protective shield so to speak for the child to resist traumas and stresses.

When the mother is ambivalent even though outwardly happy or cool in their emotions, the babies have been proven by researchers to consistently have more physical and emotional problems. If the Illuminati want to create an effeminate gay man, they can administer progesterone and estrogen to the mother during her pregnancy, and this will influence the development of male children to be effeminate.

Certain researchers have been warning about the hormones that are in our daily food because modern techniques of raising cattle and producing milk include giving hormones to the animals.

Those children who have had a secure womb feeling have been shown to be more confident with their sexual lives later on in life.

While those who were terrified in the womb had a tendency to have sexual problems. The traumas that are induced into some of the babies for programming purposes may have a destabilizing effect on the sexual stability later on in life, and it may be that the programmers Page Children born from induced labor have a statistically high relationship to sexual sadism, and males typically have masochistic personalities.

Verny believes that C-section babies, due to what happens to babies during the birthing process in contrast to a normal birth, have certain emotional needs that later as adults are expressed as promiscuous lives. Women due to their C-section birth, develop a deep seated desire to be held, and intercourse later becomes the price they have to pay to satisfy this deepseated need.

When twins are in the uterus, it is common for the Illuminati to skillfully take one of them. It is so prevalent that it has been given the name "the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon". The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon is well established by statistics. Establishment doctors generally claim that one twin has absorbed the other twin. Some researchers claim that this can not be the real explanation for any part of the birthing process.

Elizabeth Noble in her book Having Twins, Houghton Mifflin, states, "With increasing use of ultrasound, it has been observed that more multiples are lost in the uterus than previously thought--some studies say as high as 80 percent of twin pregnancies. Considering that there are still 2 in 75 people born as twins, what a great number of twins would be born if the disappearance rate were not so high. There are many cases of two heartbeats being detected only hours before the delivery, and yet only one baby being born.

Many mothers have been suspicious, but the doctors tell them that the second heartbeat "was only a mistake. There are different kinds of twins: a. There are dizygotic, also called fraternal twins. Two variations of this is when eggs from two consecutive ovarian cycles are separately fertilized, or a single egg divides and each of its halves gets fertilized.

There are monozygotic, which are identical, or clones so to speak of each other. Identical twins are always of the same sex. They share the same genes, the same fingerprints, dental characteristics, etc. There are monozygotic mirror twins, which have identical characteristics on opposite sides of their body. When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will often develop psychological problems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they had a twin disappear.

The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes into the live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerful individuals. One doctor, William Baldwin, has written in his book Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual that he believes that the dead twin astrally attaches its soul to the surviving twin. Alice Rose believes that some eating disorders are the result of a twin dying in the womb due to competition for food.

To further complicate things, the Illuminati program their slaves to believe that they have a twin somewhere. Elvis Presley, a Monarch mind-controlled slave, believed he had a twin that communicated with him spiritually. In the Angel Times magazine, Oct. Elvis communicated with beings as a child. These being had showed Elvis a vision of dancing, and of people "dressed in white with colors all around.

At these centers, people trained to identify clients with high levels of suggestibility have been identifying for the intelligence agencies, esp. Intelligence assets are located around the country and even outside of the United States. The perpetrators try to look for individuals that come through immigration, who come into county clinics and hospitals, government hospitals, etc. If a person is identified at a weight-reduction center which is a CIA front as having a weight problem that needs to receive hospital treatment AND they are also highly suggestible, they will be subjected to mind-control while hospitalized.

According to one source, IF the individual, who has been a. Dirty doctors working in emergency room settings are careful to work undetected by clean hospital workers. The hypnotic suggestion is implanted that the victim return at a particular date to a location where more detailed work can be done. A proper candidate, that is one with an I. This is embedded hypnotically. If the person has no relatives that are important, they will be instructed and secretly helped to move to a location chosen by the intelligence agencies.

At this level the person is used operationally at very easy and unimportant tasks. He is also assigned someone. The hypnotist programmer is beginning to soften the victim up and make them more pliable to suggestions. Now the person moves on to level 3, which is a fully operational level. When the victim is instructed to come in, they do not realize what is in store for Page Now their own personality will be re-written according to what script the programmers want it to have.

The person will be set to carry out his instructions as needed. The slave will now be given specific trigger codes to carry out assignments. All field agents of the intelligence agencies get level 3 control. Victims of this level of mind-control will follow out any command they are given, whether it be suicidal or harmful.

Because these victims of mind-control are now under total mind-control, just as many members of the Illuminati grow up under, the intelligence agencies want to protect their level 4 slaves. They will be given a new life along with a total new identity. All the credentials and paperwork that the new identity needs will be created.

The programming that was placed in up to level 3 is erased in a sense and an entire new life script is placed in. This is done with the use of drugs, deception, and other sophisticated mind-control techniques described in Vol.

Complete areas of memory are erased at this stage and then a new history is written into the pre-puberty area of memory. This takes some time, and is accomplished using a number of techniques our books have described. The brain assimilates this new knowledge as if it s always been there, because it feels comfortable putting something into a void spot.

It is easy to erase a memory block when nothing significant is in original memory, i. As a sleeper the level 5 slave may marry and lead a relatively normal life. This may be a clue that the handlers are positioning the person for a mission. This level will require taking the slave to a special programming center, where they are taken down to the comatose level of subconscious awareness to place the programming in at the deepest levels of the mind.

The victim may be comatose for days or months, and this requires a catheter in the neck, urinary and digestive tracts to keep the body properly functioning. Because the person will be hospitalized for quite a while, a popular cover story is that they had an automobile accident. Remember, in Vol. Many of these level 5 slaves are placed as sleepers into organizations of all kinds, where they lead "normal lives.

A team of programmers work on level 5 slaves. They must make sure that the victim has a support system so that they do not self-destruct. They may have psychologists in normal life set up to serve as a support person for the slave. It was interesting to see that AFTER learning from people in the know about how memory is erased and a new identity given, that the show "No Where Man" portrayed this happening to a black man.

Whoever wrote the scripts for No Where Man had an excellent understanding of what is going on in mind-control. In Vol. Here is more information. Researchers have been able to study the personalities of unborn children and to watch how these personality traits stay with the children through their lives.

In the Vol. Interestingly, on Mon.

It is known that brain potentials associated with voluntary movements have been identified, thereby giving big brother the potential to predict when a person is going to make a particular movement. The brain is dynamically looking at patterns and continously generating hypnotheses about its environment which are then validated or invalidated by information picked up by the senses. In this way, detection of the P gives a method of lie-detection superior to the polygraph. When surprised the brain creates P wave by internal brain functions-such as what chapt.

Initially, EEGs are taken of child victims, with an analysis of the different wave forms. Next, will come tests of VERs visually evoked responses. This is valuable for instance, because bright children will show asymmetric high amplitude responses during VERs from the right hemisphere. Children with low I. This is just one window on the mind that the Illuminati programmers have of the preverbal children.

There are other evoked-potential tests that are being used to determine personality traits too. Evoked-responses can also be used to show whether the person is conscious, or how deep they are in a coma. The early components of the evokedresponse, which occur milliseconds after a stimulus, are believed to come from the brain stem and can be used to determine a level of a coma.

Evoked-responses are also used to determine particular learning disabilities within a child. Right-handed children will show even prior to birth, an anatomical specialization that favors language acquisition in the left hemisphere.

So they can even determine what handed-ness the child has very early on. Baron Guy de Rothschild, of France, has been the leading light of his bloodline. The Baron is an Illuminati Kingpin and slave programmer. This photo was picked for the trauma chapter because the Baron has a droopy left eye. Many of the deeper Illuminati alters show droopy left eyes due to the trauma they have received.

The authors are not aware of what the official explanation for his droopy left eye would be. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable--a Dr.

Hyde effect. The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death. Readers may at first wonder why cover this gruesome part of the programming?

There are a number of reasons. People who pretend to be helpful people-such as some ministers, and some professional therapists--are unwilling to look at the facts of what have been done to the victims they claim to want to help. Many therapists encourage the victim to maintain their amnesia walls, "let the past be the past". This type of advice only continues the mind-control and the abuse of the victim. No wonder Christian ministers who are under their mind-control are used to spout off this type of defective advice.

It is important to cover programming traumas because it validates the memories of recovering victims, and because there are standard types of trauma that are used for certain types of programming.

For instance, traumas that desensitize a person to killing--i. The base of the programming is FEAR layered via trauma. Hopefully, the readers will be inspired and motivated like this author to try to stop this horrendous mind-control. Under the cover of religious retreats and their religious image, many Catholic clergymen have been participants in the vast trauma network actively creating trauma-based mind controlled slaves.

The problem in exposing this is that first the people who are being traumatized Page Second, if the victims or parents of the victims suspect anything, they usually go to church officials rather than the police in order to clear up the problem, yet protect the church.

The following are but a few examples of a widespread network of secret abuse, that will not be uncovered because the system to catch abusers has long ago been corrupted and infiltrated and controlled by mindcontrolled slaves, as well as by blackmailed or bribed dirty persons of authority.

Can you believe such unbelievable leniency? He baby-sat for a family, in which he sexually molested their children, their five daughters. He was treated as a member of this family and the mother, who was of Amer. Indian descent, was very close "worshipped"-according to one daughter to Father John.

She spent long hours alone with him. He would tell his victims that they were his "puppet, like Pinocchio. He had what appeared to be a hypnotic type spell over them. Father John Engbers molested many children during his years as a Louisiana priest, until he fled in He had lots of money to spend.

The Catholic church had known he was molesting children clear back in , when some parents complained. The Catholic hierarchy helped him escape back to Holland in mid, when reports and law suits over how he sexually molested children came out. The case of Father John Engbers has all the earmarks of a participant in the daily Monarch mind-control abuse given to children. The judge, a catholic order the records of this paedophilia priest sealed, and the catholic church which knew of his deviant behavior continued to give him a position of authority.

Johnson II, who administered a catholic facility near Boston, Mass. Michael Peterson lived a rich lifestyle in Marsalin, and later Suitland, next to St. Luke and told people that he was not worried about anyone, because he had the goods on them to force them to comply.

Lukes was used by the Catholic church to receive many priests that were caught doing paedophilia. In the first six years, St. Lukes claimed to have cured 55 child molesting priests.

Fritz Springmeier

Kraft, b. Charles Borromeo, San Diego. His father was a chief executive with Eastman Kodak. He was protected by the Catholic hierarchy and the system from prosecution for molestation of children. When children are being tortured and traumatized by persons who are respected in society, and when these children see the police and judges protect these people, do you see why this further traumatizes them, and convinces them that there is no hope?

Once they lose hope of outside help, their minds are further propelled to obey the commands of continue with the picture below. The text continues under the girl in the left upper corner.

Editor s note Page 21 Page The second series of abuses occurs from 2 to 4. The third round of programming abuse, is given to the child around 5 to 6 years of age.

One of the specific programming abuses is teaching the child slave to redirect their anger away from Papa or Daddy the slave owner. Exactly what is done to provoke rage within the child will vary, but the result is the same, the child feels rage. The question is then asked, "Are you angry with daddy? The child will be brought to the level of rage, and then allowed to cool down for 30 minutes.

The child is shocked until they are compliant. The suicide programming will be layered in. Part of layering in the suicide programming, is to create pain in the right ear via a needle to the ear, with the creation of horrible disorienting sounds, while pulsing lights drive the brain into its alpha programming state. At a certain brainwave state the programming begins with repetitious self-destruct messages.

These messages debase the value of the person to reinforce the suicidal destruct messages. After the child has learned that they are to hurt themselves, then they will learn specifically to cut themselves if they get angry at Papa or anyone in the Illuminati family they belong to.

The Vigilant Citizen

After this training, the child will attach subconsciously a fear of pain to the concept of anger toward its Illuminati controllers. However, the "no-talk" lesson will be repeated and embedded in many different fashions for Illuminati mind-controlled slaves. Perhaps a favorite Illuminati method is to expose the victim to watching dental tortures.

The viewing can be reinforced by subjecting the victim to some dental tortures themselves. A common dental torture would be to extract the tongue of a live and conscious victim. Then dental tortures are done to the victim, and the intense jaw pain of the torture is linked to tripping the no-talk programming.

If the person talks--their jaw hurts and they may pull up the dissociated feelings of seeing a person lose their tongue.

This then will be further backed up by training an alter to carry out Russian Roulette if the system talks, and training numerous other alters other types of suicide if the system talks. In other words many back up programs mutually support each other in overkill. Considering that dental torture is used for no-talk programming, it was with dismay that this author discovered that Virtual I-O Co. Seashells and other images are linked to the concept of "no-talk" via programming laid in using methods described elsewhere.

The Black Slave was invented by a Syrian doctor who helped supervise torture, hence its arabic name al-Abd as-Aswad. The victim is strapped to this metal chair. Another device for programming is a harness used as a suspension device. Yet another is an electrofied water bed for turning one in an electric eel. After this the victim can be wrapped as if in a cacoon within bandages.

The supposed treatment for the dislocation, places the victim in sensory deprivation, another trauma. These helpless humans will be visciously killed by some animal, a lion, a tiger, a snake, a wild dog or whatever. The programming lie emphasized at this point is that it is better to be that particular type of animal than it is to be human. Other programming is added to insure the dehuminization process to make certain child alters into particular animals.

When finished, the child will contain viscious protector animal alters within their system. The prior example of a programming trauma actually pertains to structuring.

It may be of significance to stress to the reader that traumas come in many shapes. The traumas are not done without some thought. Specific traumas are given for specific desired outcomes. The power and horror of a trauma is hard to gauage. It often results in a type of subconscious adrenlin-rush addiction.

The traumas involving sensory deprivation and betrayals of trust can be just as devastating as painful tortures. Sad to say, sometimes for programming purposes all three types may be skillfully combined into one horrendous experience that overwhelms the mind. The birthday cake will contain a bean somewhere. It is announced that whoever gets the bean will get a surprise.

When someone gets the bean, the mind-control victim finds out that the surprise is that they must take the life of the child who has found the bean. This programming trauma is part of a series of traumas designed to make deeper alters afraid of accepting any gifts from outsiders. The deeper alters are programmed that gifts always come with a sacrifice. Gifts always cost something. Nothing comes free. In reality, what Satan is doing with this trauma on a spiritual level is what the British Empire did with small countries.

The British would warn small countries, "you are in danger, we will protect you. The Spirit of Fear says, gifts are dangerous, let me the Spirit of Fear protect you. The Spirit of Fear, pretending to protect the victim, takes over and the victim develops a deepseated free-floating phobias towards gifts from anyone. Finally, the waves of fear created by repeated traumas layer in Spirits of Fear, which form a dark spiritual foundation.

Page 24 Page Some of the drugs are not used to directly alter the mind, but to change the body make the skin burn , or make the person vomit, or some other reaction that can be harnessed to further their nefarious programming goals.

Irwin J.

He was active in research into how drugs can affect the mind. Sometimes a mathematical notation is easier and clearer, than other explanations. This author suggests that drugs that affect the mind could be classified on three scales: Scale X: the wakefulness or arousal scale, which runs from a coma, to asleep, to alert, to hyperalert Scale Y: the attitude, or affect scale, that is one s manner of feelings, responses etc.

Scale Z: the integration of reality scale, which runs from confusion, delusions, and psychotic thoughts to integrated, clear, lucid thinking. Many if not all of the drugs that were listed in Vol. Researchers have discovered such drug properties such as lipid solubility, the ionization, its tissue-protein bonding abilities, and its molecular size all play a role in how well drugs get into the brain.

These physical factors are not the only factors involved. Researchers have repeatedly discovered that different people respond to mind-changing drugs in many different ways--including two different people having opposite responses to the same drug.

There have been a number of studies about this phenomena, including: SarwerFoner, , Henninger, et. For instance, a sedative drug administered to an extroverted confident athlete caused the athlete to feel anxiety and disorientation. In contrast, an introverted nervous intellectual felt calmness when the same drug was administered. Particle size of the drug and the rate of dissolution will help determine the rate at which a drug is absorbed and eliminated into the body.

Through dissociation the state of unawareness of other alter personalities benefits and protects abusers from exposure while creating disparate Jekyll and Hyde personalities in victims that can range from saint to programmed monster. But in mind control victims Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD that typically results from experiencing severe trauma is carefully insulated and masked by systematic programming.

And if young victims are driven to complete insanity, i. Mengele the Angel of Death himself while Dr. Ewen Cameron ruled rollout on the East Coast. Multi-generational Illuminati family member Cisco Wheeler, whose programmer was Dr. Three standard torture scenarios are systemically utilized to traumatically create multiple personalities: 1 being literally locked in a small space, pit or cage with spiders and snakes creatures that universally produce phobias , 2 forced to kill, cut up and eat other children, and 3 forced immersion in feces, urine and blood.

Being deprived of food and water, placed in solitary confinement while kept in the dark for many hours or days is also very common. Programmers are big on near death experiences, coming just short of drowning kids in water and burying them alive in sand as a couple more of their favorites.

This particular torture technique — being hung upside down, is used to program beta sex kitten slaves to inversely experience and desire sadistic rape as pleasure. Sexual abuse is regularly inflicted on a child within the satanic ritual context for more powerful, dramatic effect.

In short, every kind of twisted, sick, sadistic shit imaginable and unimaginable goes into this methodic torture and trauma done to extremely vulnerable young children. Numerous military posts have long been armed guarded havens for mind control programming. Walt Disney himself was an upstanding Illuminati Freemason.

Catholic adoption agencies which are many , nuns who get pregnant, third world parents, and parents who will sell their children were all sources of children for programming. A later chapter will be devoted to the global child trafficking infrastructure. Cattle prods or cattle prod wands ranging from 10,, DC Volts as well as stun guns ranging from ,, volts have long been standard issue for Monarch practitioners.

Yet another piece of standard equipment may include electronic bark collars used for obedience and silence training as well as worn by sex slaves when forced into bestiality with wolves and aggressively trained dogs that typically bite the collar when mounting their victims. And to enhance effectiveness of mind control programming, hypnotic cues and drugs are also regularly incorporated into this demonic procedural protocol. But the general rule of thumb is the leaked info of scraps and tidbits we do manage to attain, is many decades behind what black ops has currently already developed and operationally implemented.

For obvious reasons, physical signs of abuse are less apparent in those groomed to be members of the upper crust elitist strata.

Like Lucifer himself, the Illuminati elite are cunning masters of deception and are ultra-skilled and careful at covering their tracks. Fritz Springmeier asserted that half the therapists in his area in Oregon treating Monarch victims are multiples themselves working for the other side.

Their interlocking secret network makes it very difficult for mind controlled, satanic cult members to leave and rather than risk secrets revealed to the public, murder is commonplace. Death threats, continued harassment and rape are still weapons the Illuminati cult holds over those strong enough to risk death by leaving.

Banning the truth is of highest priority in every demonic totalitarian regime. Like their Luciferian brothers the Jesuits and Freemasons, Illuminists are masterful infiltrators at every level and sector. By their demonic design, imposters have been disbursed everywhere to spread lies, confuse the public and obscure and silence the truth. Unfortunately this is an all too common outcome as the tight-knit satanic network has infiltrated positions of authority throughout law enforcement, the courts and government across this nation and world from local to state, federal to international levels.

As mentioned earlier, children are often kept in cages, deprived of food and water for extended periods, forced to drink their own urine and eat their own feces.

And standard satanic ritual abuse requires them to participate in the killing of other sacrificed children, cannibalizing their flesh, and drinking their blood, by demonic rite of passage making them one of them. This particular ritual is geared to convincingly brainwash young impressionable mind control victims to identify with, accept and embrace the dark side as their only hope for salvation.

Seeing through their deception is among our greatest challenges.

Once amnesic memories from their haunting past begin surfacing, and Monarch victims have managed to defy their programmed suicide script, what follows are years of deprogramming and healing of their unconscious mind. After Jay Parker began his road to recovery and now advocates a particular healing therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT involving what he calls energy psychology.

This emotive therapy is a relatively simple integrative, holistic mind-body-spirit approach. According to Jay Parker, at least 34 million Americans are Illuminati Satanist pedophiles, all programmed mind control operatives serving the elite.

Monarch survivor Paul Bonacci victimized in the egregious Nebraska Franklin scandal covered in a future chapter , endured nearly two decades of horrific abuse that included drugs, satanic rituals, rape, torture and murder. Along with scores of other Omaha victims that were frequently abducted from the famous Boys Town Catholic orphanage and brought to nearby Offutt Air Force Base for trauma-based programming, Bonacci and his peers were sodomized by high profile politicians that included George HW Bush in a massive scandal that led directly to both the Reagan-Bush White House.

Aquino was part of the Contra arms for cocaine operation with Lt. Green aka Dr. The massive amounts of empirical evidence cannot simply be dismissed nor discounted. Mind control afflicting millions of demonically programmed government slaves doing the dirty bidding of Satanists ruling our planet is an undisputable, cold hard fact. As the lustful lesbo witch she is, hungry Hillary sexually assaulted Cathy.

Long ago the Illuminati pecking order designated Kissinger as its Council CEO, the select group near the top of the power elite pyramid. Within the Monarch mind control slave system, a small rotating circle exists between slaves and their masters. In the Rocky Mountain wilderness the naked teenager was hunted down like an animal only to be raped and tortured by her demented, dick-flogging captor Dick. Because military intelligence officer Lt. Finally to stop the bleeding, he ordered her to take a cold shower.

Several years later after George W.

Bush Jr.Yet another possible false lead led to the Newberry Library USA [which contains the "Monckton letter"] with its texts of our forebears or at least the ruling elite showing their great interest in esoteric writings which touch upon these matters. Then he put HIS signature on them, although he never even used one brush stroke on any of them.

The handlers will never do this". If the Government is trying to ruin my life, they will have to try harder. What we may need are critical reviews that dissect cultural productions in so far as they incorporate Monarch themes.