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However, the analysis and the coupling mechanism also apply to the case of EC approximately equal to EJ, describing the charge-phase qubit. Left without any external current biasing of the coupling and readout JJs, the network acts as a quantum memory of independent qubits neglecting a weak residual interaction.

When a bias current is sent through the coupling JJ, the current-current interaction between the neighbouring qubits is switched on and increases with increasing bias current.

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This provides a realistic solution for easy local control of the physical coupling of charge qubits via current biasing of coupling JJs or, alternatively, pairs of readout junctions. The design is in line with experimental mainstream development of charge qubit circuits and can easily be fabricated and tested experimentally.

Most importantly, it allows readout via currently tested methods that promise single-shot projective measurement and even non-destructive measurements, via e. Independent two-qubit operations can be performed in parallel when the network consists of five qubits or more, and generalization to single-shot N-qubit gates seems possible.

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This may offer interesting new opportunities for operating qubit clusters in parallel and swapping and teleporting qubits along the chain, for experimental implementations of elementary quantum information processing. Improved resolution of switching current measurement We have developed a method to rapidly measure the switching current of a Josephson tunnel junction with low critical current.

Measuring at low critical current presents a problem for fast measurement because the rise time of the voltage at the top of the cryostat is ultimately set by the time needed to charge the lead capacitance with a very small current. Cold amplifiers mounted close to the junction can be used to reduce the input capacitance, but this technique presents other problems and is not simple to implement.

Non-destructive SQUID readout We have implemented a non-destructive method for the readout of a persistent current flux qubit. The measurement strength can be tuned with the amplitude of the RF-signal used to drive the resonant circuit. The method eliminates the disadvantages of the strongly dissipative state associated with the switching of a Josephson junction to the voltage state.

Using this method, we have measured the spectroscopy and the relaxation time of a flux qubit, obtaining relaxation times of the order of 80 microseconds. The measurement has high efficiency and further improvement is possible, by optimising the measurement circuit. This detector can be used for experimental studies of the relation between quantum measurement and decoherence, as well as for correlation measurements on two qubits.

Proposal for Deutsch-Josza algorithm with super-conducting qubits The interest in quantum computation, in particular, is stimulated by the discovery of quantum algorithms, which can outperform their classical counterparts in solving problems of significant practical relevance.

In the field of solid-state quantum computation, and in particular in the area of super-conducting nano-circuits, considerable progress has been made in the field of quantum hardware.

It is equally important in the development of quantum computing to experimentally realize complete quantum algorithms. It is also particularly important to see whether at the present it is already possible to implement also quantum algorithms using super-conducting nanocircuits.

computacion cuantica pdf file

We showed how the Deutsch algorithm and the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm can be run on a Josephson quantum computer. We analyse the experiment by Nakamura et al in terms of quantum interferometry and show that it corresponds to the implementation of the one-qubit version of Deutsch's algorithm. Finally we showed explicitly that the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm can be implemented using uncoupled qubits for arbitrary N.

Therefore it can be realized by means of the set-up of Nakamura et al. Our proposed implementation realizes the algorithms by using only state-of-the-art technology.

A peculiarity is that the gate operations representing the algorithm are carried out in a basis, which is different from the one, which is measured. This helped us to obtain the desired results with a minimum number of operations. Thus, one may hope to see the expected behaviour of the system even with the decoherence times which are measured at the present in these systems.

In addition the experimental implementation of this proposal may serve to study entanglement and decoherence on entangled states in great details. The methods outlined above can also be used to study other interesting problems such as the production and measurement of Bell states and GHZ states.

From a practical point of view, it would be particularly interesting to find ways to create such states in a 'single shot' with one appropriate gate operation.

Even though it appears rather difficult to avoid the locality loophole in this kind of set-up it is nevertheless a remarkable challenge to measure such quantum correlations in a macroscopic system.

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We have analysed the frequency dependent back action from the RF-SET on the qubits and are able to calculate relaxation and decoherence times from our model. The back action is due both to shot noise and to quantum fluctuations of the SET. The conclusion is that relaxation can be minimized by increasing the qubit energy splitting. European Volmet PDF format. The transmission frequency of the radio station is kHz.

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La nueva arquitectura Pegasus de D-Wave Systems, hacia un ordenador con 5640 cúbits

Documents were written in Word and converted to PDF for distribution via Article PDF Available Male suicide among construction workers in Australia: a Letters to the editor Dopamine and the Creative Mind: Individual Differences inWe employ these current states in the qubit loops to create controllable coupling of neighbouring qubits. Virtual Journal of Quantum Computation Send the link below via email computadoras cuanticas IM.

Copy code to clipboard. Radiotelephony Manual. The present result proves that NMR methods can be successfully used in order to achieve this goal, even if the accuracy and fidelity of presently achieved operation are still insufficient. We have found that relaxation in the driven situation is slower than during free evolution in the lab frame.

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