Basic Computer Knowledge in Hindi PDF(बेसिक कंप्यूटर ज्ञान List Of Boundary Lines Between Countries For SBI, SSC, UPSC PDF. Introduction of Computer; Generations of Computer; Computer Architecture; Primary Download Basic Computer knowledge PDF In Hindi. Computer Notes PDF Download कम्प्यूटर नोट्स तो आज हम उनके लिए Computer से सम्बन्धित महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नो की PDF File लेकर आए है, Computer GK in Hindi PDF Download (Computer MCQ) · Computer GK – Most Important Computer General Knowledge (कम्प्यूटर.

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Computer General Knowledge Hindi PDF Download Introduction of Computer; Computer Architecture; Input and Output Device; Computer Memory; Data. we provide Basic Computer knowledge hindi pdf file. in this session readers get the basic information about the computer and its generation. KNOWLEDGE QUESTION AND ANSWER IN HINDI computer gk in hindi pdf, computer knowledge in hindi pdf, file, computer question in hindi pdf, free.

Nalanda Capital exits Mindtree Nalanda Capital sold its entire It will provide basic urban services to the people of Jharkhand and help improve the management capacity of the urban local bodies. It will improve customer experience in timely redressal of grievances.

1000 Computer GK Question and Answer in Hindi PDF Download

The application also improves transparency by keeping the complainants informed. Maharashtra to get floating solar plants Maharashtra is all set to get floating solar power generation plants on four dams.

The backwater of Wardha, Bebala, Khadakpurna and Pentakli dams has been selected for setting up the floating solar panels as per the Swiss Challenge method.

The estimated investment per megawatt is 4. Maharashtra govt to set up vigilance mechanism The Maharashtra government will soon set up its vigilance mechanism to ensure fast redressal of grievances regarding drought mitigation.

The government will keep strict vigilance through tehsil and district level committees to ensure officials are available for farmers. The state government will recommend changes in the parameters for the compensation payment.

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Countries including Ukraine and Germany took part in the tournament. The highest number of beneficiaries was reported from Haryana at over 6 lakh, followed by Maharashtra at 5.

It will replace an ordinance issued in March and proposes stiff penalties for violation of norms. Smart Card Driving Lic to be launched Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to modify the format of driving licenses to smart card type driving licences.

It has prescribed a common standard format and design of the Driving Licence for the whole nation. With proper control programming, this will reduce the possibility of a crash, but it is still up to the operator and programmer to ensure that the machine is operated in a safe manner.

However, during the s and s, the software for machining simulation has been maturing rapidly, and it is no longer uncommon for the entire machine tool envelope including all axes, spindles, chucks, turrets, tool holders, tailstocks, fixtures, clamps, and stock to be modeled accurately with 3D solid models , which allows the simulation software to predict fairly accurately whether a cycle will involve a crash. Although such simulation is not new, its accuracy and market penetration are changing considerably because of computing advancements.

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This is not always a true condition of CNC tools. CNC tools with a large amount of mechanical backlash can still be highly precise if the drive or cutting mechanism is only driven so as to apply cutting force from one direction, and all driving systems are pressed tightly together in that one cutting direction.

However a CNC device with high backlash and a dull cutting tool can lead to cutter chatter and possible workpiece gouging. Backlash also affects precision of some operations involving axis movement reversals during cutting, such as the milling of a circle, where axis motion is sinusoidal. However, this can be compensated for if the amount of backlash is precisely known by linear encoders or manual measurement.

The high backlash mechanism itself is not necessarily relied on to be repeatedly precise for the cutting process, but some other reference object or precision surface may be used to zero the mechanism, by tightly applying pressure against the reference and setting that as the zero reference for all following CNC-encoded motions. This is similar to the manual machine tool method of clamping a micrometer onto a reference beam and adjusting the Vernier dial to zero using that object as the reference.

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Positioning control is handled by means of either an open loop or a closed loop system. In an open loop system, communication takes place in one direction only: from the controller to the motor.

In a closed loop system, feedback is provided to the controller so that it can correct for errors in position, velocity, and acceleration, which can arise due to variations in load or temperature. Open loop systems are generally cheaper but less accurate. Stepper motors can be used in both types of systems, while servo motors can only be used in closed systems.

This system is a typical plane often seen in maths when graphing. This system is required to map out the machine tool paths and any other kind of actions that need to happen in a specific coordinate. Absolute coordinates are what is generally used more commonly for machines and represent the 0,0,0 point on the plane. This point is set on the stock material in order to give a starting point or "home position" before starting the actual machining.

M-codes are miscellaneous machine commands that do not command axis motion.When the value of this system variable is set to 2, an overlapping icon and a menu containing a list of overlapping objects appear and you can select the required object from this list.

Using this system variable you can make a selection of overlapping objects very easily.

Using this command you can select objects which are connected to the selected object in the drawing area. Thank u sir its very useful to us because of this source cad recently I am selected in one interview.

Basic Computer knowledge hindi pdf file

In the image shown below Wipeout command has been used to clean the area around the second hook. This system variable toggles the visibility of lineweight in a drawing. Fields are dynamic text information which can add a lot of intelligence to your drawing by keeping data interlinked and updated.