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Basic Electrical Book

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This comprehensive book on basic electrical engineering covers almost all the topics of basic electrical engineering, ranging from circuits to machines to. Here are the list of books for study basic electrical engineering. 1. Basic Electrical Engineering By VK Mehta and Rohit Mehta. The book. Here are some books which can help you to develop your basic on electrical and electronics fundamental law. These books also help you to know about various.

We all know what electricity is, or at least have a rough idea, based on practical experience. In particular, consider these points: We are very familiar with the electricity that flows through wires.

That electricity comes from power plants that burn coal, catch the wind, or harness nuclear reactions.

Basic Electrical Books

It travels from the power plants to our houses in big cables hung high in the air or buried in the ground. Once it gets to our houses, it travels through wires through the walls until it gets to electrical outlets. From there, we plug in power cords to get the electricity into the electrical devices we depend on every day. We know that electricity can be stored in batteries.

When the batteries die, all their electricity is gone. We know that electricity can be measured in volts.

Household electricity is volts abbreviated V. Flashlight batteries are 1.

Car batteries are 12 volts. We also know that electricity can be measured in watts. Incandescent light bulbs are typically 60, 75, or watts. Compact fluorescent lights CFLs have somewhat smaller wattage ratings.

Microwave ovens and hair dryers are 1, or 1, watts. A typical household electrical outlet is 15 amps abbreviated 15 A. Chapter 3 is then used to bring out the fundamentals of single phase alternating currents and voltages. Chapter 4 then introduces the three phase AC systems.

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Principles of electrical energy generation transmission and distribution are discussed in chapter 5. The transformers, the basic device of an AC energy system is presented in Chapter 6. Direct current machines are discussed in chapter 7 and AC motors and generators briefly in chapter 8.

The last and final chapter, the 9th, discusses the electrical tariffs and electricity wiring systems.

Illustrative worked examples are given in each chapter along with additional exercise problems with numerical answers. Useful links to a few internet sites where principles of electrical engineering are discussed and can be of help to a student to improve his understanding is appended to the selected bibliography. We hope this will be a useful addition to the text books on Basic Electrical Engineering for the different universities in India.

The author, who has been teaching different subjects in Electrical Engineering in different institutions since his graduation in takes this opportunity to salute all his teachers and students for making learning and teaching of Electrical Engineering an interesting vocation. July Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

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Here is the list of best book for Basic Electrical Engineering. This leaves us with the letter R which represents Resistance. Electronics components are mainly used in an electrical system.

Stan Gibilisco,Simon Monk.