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The music in the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library encourages .. Notes pg. 9. Perform. Student plays My Dog, Spike on three black keys with a steady pulse. Free piano Sheet Music, free lessons, piano downloads and resources. Choose your favorite free piano sheet and start playing. A huge collection of piano sheet music with corresponding animated tutorials.

Bobby Darin.

Hugh Laurie. The Kimberly's. Stevie Nicks. Justin Hurwitz. John Legend.

Anna Kendrick. Ludwig van Beethoven. A Great Big World. Song Title. Ella Fitzgerald My Shining Hour. Ella Fitzgerald. Bobby Darin Mame. The Kimberly's Everything's Alright. Stevie Nicks Sara. Andrew Lloyd Webber.

A rest, just like a note, shows us how long it should be held based on its shape. The top number tells you how many beats to a measure, the space of staff in between each vertical line called a bar.

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The bottom number tells you the note value for a single beat, the pulse your foot taps along with while listening. In addition to your note values and time signature, the last piece to feeling the rhythm is knowing your tempo or beats per minute.

Tempo tells you how fast or slow a piece is intended to be played, and often is shown at the top of a piece of sheet music.

Likewise, a tempo of would double the speed at 2 notes every second. Musicians use a tool, called a metronome, to help them keep tempo while practicing a new piece. Click here to see an online metronome tool , and click on the circles next to the BPM values to see how a tempo can speed up and slow down.

The interval between the first note of your C major scale and the last is an example of an octave. The C major scale is very important to practice since once you have the C scale down, the other major scales will start to fall into place.

Each of the notes of a C major scale corresponds with a white key on your keyboard.

But, what about the black keys? The distance between the C and the D keys in your C scale is a whole step, however, the distance between the E and the F keys in your C scale is a half step. Do you see the difference? Look at the C major scale again on the keyboard below. Semitones, or half-steps on the keyboard, allow us to write an infinite variety of sounds into music.

A natural cancels a sharp or flat within a measure or a song.

You actually already know one key signature, the key of C! The C major scale you learned above was in the key of C.

Scales are named after their tonic, the preeminent note within the scale, and the tonic determines what key you play in. You can start a major scale on any note, so long as you follow the whole-whole-half-whole-whole-whole-half pattern.

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My kids love this song. They are practicing it now!Thank you soo much!

The note stem is a thin line that extends either up or down from the note head. This helps me understand easily how to read certain notes…. Thanks for your post. You sooo stupid y u talk like Frankenstein dummy?! Beginner Notes sheet music, keyboard note guide, and keyboard apps for iPad or […].

Do the same with your left hand. I am looking for I believe in 3part harmony.

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