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We released our Performer D-port in and it featured a modern heart-shaped combustion chamber, Roberts explains. The new cylinder head has been quite successful for us and almost immediately consumers begun asking if we could update the round-port head similarly. We recognized the opportunity where we could modernize a cylinder head that historically sold very well for us, and based on similar changes we made to other makes, we knew it would be an upgrade.

The plan was to make no other changes to the casting beyond the addition of a CNC-machined, heart-shaped chamber. The overall shape of Edelbrocks new CNC-machined chamber is a proprietary design that was developed internally and continually improved over time. The basic shape of the Pontiac chamber was inspired by the success weve found with other wedge-shaped, angle-plug cylinder heads in our lineup.

We then varied it to make it compatible with the typical bore sizes of the Pontiac V8, intake and exhaust valve sizes and locations, and placement of the spark plug. Altering the water jacket to allow for optimal placement of the spark plug was the only modification needed to accommodate the revised chamber. Roberts reports that it has no effect on cooling.

While the same basic casting is used for both applications, the larger combustion chamber is achieved by machining it some 0. We considered offering additional volumes, but weve found that and 87cc chambers are those that most hobbyists are familiar with. Edelbrock quickly dispels any notion that the original Performer RPM cylinder head, with its scalloped chamber will be discontinued. It remains a very good seller for us, and we expect good sales in the future, Smith says.

Our customers have been using it for more than 20 years and are very familiar with its features and capabilities. Performer RPM castings are available with valvesprings compatible with hydraulic flat-tappet or hydraulic roller camshafts up to 0. And because the 87cc castings are equipped with an exhaust crossover, they are CARB approved. When asked how Edelbrock plans to market the CNC-variants of its Pontiac V8 cylinder heads, Smith replies, There are plenty of hobbyists using our original Performer RPM casting, and theyre satisfied with the quality and performance.

All measurements were taken between 10 and 15 inches pressure and mathematically converted to 28 inches. Our testing reveals that the 87cc casting contains a peak intake flow capacity of cfm and cfm exhaust. FL Tori Tellem Kevin Tetz. Zach Martin Andrew Nussbaum. Palm Coast. Please include name.

Any submissions or contributions from readers shall be subject to and governed by TEN: Engine Masters. Muscle Car Group Douglas R.

Barry Kluczyk. Douglas Street. Rocky Rotella Leonard Slebodnik.

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Send old as well as new address to Car Craft. Classic Trucks. Mopar Muscle. The Enthusiast Network. For change of address.. Royal Oak.: Privacy Coordinator. Eric English. CA Attn. He bought his Fox Mustang when it had a and a 76mm turbo on it. In the center is a CSI electric water pump. When we found him. Josh told us that the AFR heads are the go-to for nitrous builds at Shafiroff.

IL What does it take to run 5. By Douglas R. Wes Allison On the left is an Aerospace vacuum pump to scavenge the crankcase.

There is a MagnaFuel fuel pump mounted on the frame in the trunk. The system is returnstyle with a regulator for each NOS fogger. The final static compression ratio is Using a progressive controller. COM The carb is a Pro Systems Dominator. They are designed for this swap and are. Josh brings in one system. Both foggers are plugged into the Edelbrock Victor single-plane intake.

Contact Martha Carrasco Hydraulic release bearings that are compatible with dual-disc clutches. Learn more: Troz will sign the sleeve if you ask him!

How much: A car storage system from Car Capsule. This is the Showcase. Why you care: Prior to this. The material on the floor is also resistant to oil. In spite of its size. Car Capsule. Ram Clutches has created a new hydraulic release bearing kit that mates a Tremec TKO transmission with a dual-disc. Wearable CARtoons. Ram Clutches. El Cajon. Guaranteed even when racing they are the strongest overdrive you can download.

CA www. The average fuel pump creates 7 psi of fuel pressure to lift the needle off the seat and fill the bowl with fuel. Float bowls use a needle and seat to control the amount of fuel that enters the bowl. The Valiant is a with a inch LA small-block. Forced air affects the floats. Blow-through supercharging means your boost toy delivers air through a carb hat and into a carburetor. Fuel is introduced and delivered as an atomized mixture to the intake manifold runners. The solution is a boost-referenced fuel-pressure regulator that adds fuel pressure at a 1: When you pressurize throttle shafts.

Once boost reaches 7 psi. Douglas R. Forced air pressurizes all of the parts of the carb that were not designed to see pressure. You see potential in rusted metal and greasy parts. You see treasure in junkyards and the only computer you need is your brain. Fixing a classic is a ritual a rite of passage and a way of life. It ran poorly for a long time. The system blows through a Holley double-pumper using a Paxton Power Hat.

A cfm carburetor usually has 72 jets in the primary side. With such huge jets. The supercharger is a Paxton Novi that Hudson picked up two years ago and installed himself. In extreme circumstances.


To be fair. What you get is a more stable fuel curve and better idle and midrange throttle response. Big boost numbers will also drag fuel from one booster to another inside the carb hat.

The system makes about 5 pounds of boost. You can already see a couple of things that were going on with the blow-through carb setup. The Terminator EFI is a direct swap for any style square-flange carburetor.

The intake is a Mopar M1 single-plane manifold that was on the original build. This is a direct replacement for your —cfm carburetor.

It plugs into your factory or aftermarket distributor with a Holley harness adapter and uses factory-style sensors and connectors for easy service. The stock linkage and aftermarket return springs were an exact fit. The jetting combo was a whopping 80 primary and 91 secondary. Holley offers both a boost-referenced regulator and a complete fuel system that includes billet filters.

Bar is a fancy word for around A 2-bar map can read up to 30 psi. The transducer is for the electronic fuel gauge inside the car. This can be done via Wi-Fi by a Holley service technician.

Hudson had a Fuel Lab pressure regulator from the previous installation. Hudson needed to load a program to recognize the change. The power wire needs to go directly to the battery to properly power the ECU and to reduce electronic noise that will interfere with its operation. Redline Gauge Works builds custom dashboards and can make virtually any gauge. These gauges are customized fuel level. Note the crossover to equalize the pressure.

Hudson can create any font and any face for almost any gauge. Hudson used a dual-feed pressure regulator that feeds from the fuel tank to twin ports. The system is designed for 45 pounds of fuel pressure Everything is included.

Hudson used a Walbro mounted on the frame and connected to the factory fuel-tank pickup modified to have a return line. It was built to order with an in-tank pump. On hot days. The boost gauge uses a transducer to relay information to the ECU and back to the gauge. Direct Fit Camaro Harness Designed to include the most common options for each vehicle. With virtually every connector installed on the harness out of the box. Coating systems like this have been around for a while. We wanted to show that ElastiWrap can bridge the gap between spending the time.

ElastiWrap is the only one with an intermix system that lets you come up with your own colors. What does this have to do with the Mustang in these pictures? Check out this quick project that cost us a couple hundred bucks. Although you can roll or brush ElastiWrap. Masking is masking. ElastiWrap has an intermix system that allows you to make your own colors.

The best way to correct this problem is to disassemble all the trim pieces and strip the paint off and repaint on bare metal. We recommend a 1. Mineral spirits will help you with cleanup.

It is also available in a variety of colors straight from Eastwood. Burnout Black. This costs a lot of time and money. The more precise your masking is. Torqued Yellow. The paint on this Mustang is typical of OE paint from the mids. If you decide to spray it. The vinyl. It does two things: Remove the fine-line tape while the coating is still wet so it cuts a crisp line into the black without pulling the yellow up.

This builds enough depth and film strength that will make the coating easier to peel off when the time comes. Burnout Black is the color of choice for the accent stripe. The first coat looks splotchy. ElastiWrap selflevels nicely on the panels. Unlike the yellow. Eastwood recommends shaking the cans before opening. Use a minimum of four coats of ElastiWrap. We decided to shoot a coat of clear ElastiWrap on top of the black to offset the cool matte finish of the yellow with a shiny black.

The Torqued Yellow is certainly vivid and will give a nice contrast to the black convertible top and silver wheels. The second. Unmasking the rest of the car is relatively straightforward. Be careful and blot it rather than soak the panel. The matte finish is actually current. Touch-up with a modeling brush works great if some of the coating peeled from the edges while unmasking.

This fender has been sprayed with four coats of clear ElastiWrap with some bass boat flakes mixed in. This opens up many possibilities when it comes want to use with a mix motorcycle or ATV fuel tanks. ElastiWrap does what it says it will do: This coating can be added to or touched up without any additional prep. We applied two wet coats of the catalyzed clear on and let it sit overnight.

Edelbrock has since introduced a cast-aluminum Performer D-port in In addition to the wide array of intake manifolds developed over the years. Where Pontiac performance enthusiasts were otherwise forced to hunt down and modify rare round-port cylinder heads. The round-port cylinder head was further revised for the Ram Air IV.

Car Craft magazine

The — H. The Ram Air IV casting was carried over with minimal changes for When General Motors mandated a maximum compression ratio of 8. Pontiac performance enthusiasts had no other choice but to seek the original round-port cast-iron offerings for obvious reasons. Edelbrock changed the industry in with the introduction of its cast-aluminum Performer RPM. The D-port casting has a CNC-machined chamber as well.

The high-winding. Pontiac offset the pending performance loss by increasing displacement. GTOs and Firebirds in which it was installed in those years. In a time before aftermarket cylinder heads were commonly available. When the Super Duty debuted in midyear Featuring a round-port exhaust configuration and an as-cast intake port capacity of approximately cfm. The desire for a compression ratio of more than A new version of the same casting is available with CNC-machined.

Because of CNC machining. It had been producing aftermarket cast-aluminum cylinder heads for several years. How is Edelbrock able to ensure that? This digitized program is the answer.

In as-cast form. Also try these other great lubricants from Lubriplate. Because it works! Lubriplate No. Trusted by four generations of mechanics worldwide. Edelbrock still offers this cylinder head in Intake-port volume measures cc. Edelbrock offers the CNC-machined chamber in Pontiac hobbyists quickly found that the Performer RPM was capable of producing hp in as-cast form on a relatively mild Since its introduction.

Edelbrock found that with a properly designed port. Unlike the stock units. Because of durability concerns in the common wall of the center ports at the time. The production Performer RPM cylinder heads feature 2. Edelbrock biased the plug toward the exhaust valve. Professional builders learned that intake airflow of more than cfm was easily attainable with mild porting.

Notice that the spark plug has been relocated to further enhance combustion efficiency with a chamber of this shape. Having the chance to flow a number of Performer RPM castings our own flow bench. The spread allows for the installation of oversized 2. While original high-performance Pontiac castings were factory-equipped with 1. For maximum performance applications.

The fully CNC-machined combustion chamber design essentially eliminates the transition from the chamber to the valve seat. When dyno-tested. Bootlegger Cams provide proven gains of up to 40 hp depending on the engine combination. Our CNC chamber has a machined transition from the valve seat into the chamber. Where production vehicles are concerned. It continues to sell very well for us. While the same basic casting is used for both applications. Altering the water jacket to allow for optimal placement of the spark plug was the only modification needed to accommodate the revised chamber.

The double-quench design typically associated with a heart-shaped chamber tends to maximize combustion by initiating spark where the mixture is densest. Like the original Performer RPM casting with its scalloped chamber. The plan was to make no other changes to the casting beyond the addition of a CNC-machined. And because the 87cc castings are equipped with an exhaust crossover. We then varied it to make it compatible with the typical bore sizes of the Pontiac V8.

By creating a chamber shape and locating the spark plug properly to accentuate combustion with axial rotation in mind. Roberts explains. Shortly after introducing its first designed combustion chamber.

A new head-bolt kit is required for castings produced after that date. The faster rise also translates into improved piston push. The precision machining associated with the CNC process tends to improve flow consistency from port to port on a given cylinder head. A cast chamber also has some limitations where it interfaces with the valve seat. We recognized the opportunity where we could modernize a cylinder head that historically sold very well for us.

Edelbrock found that it could improve upon its design by automating the process using CNC equipment.

Smith replies. The design was so well received that Edelbrock begun updating many popular makes over the next several years. While mixture stoichiometry generally remains the same. Past experience with it tells us that 4 to 6 degrees less is common. So we revised the boss to make it thicker.

Performer RPM castings are available with valvesprings compatible with hydraulic flat-tappet or hydraulic roller camshafts up to 0.

We really look for it to help grow the sales of the entire Pontiac engine family. When a product is as successful as the Performer RPM cylinder head. Edelbrock has recognized this and is actively considering offering its Performer RPM CNC for Pontiac V8 in a semi-machined state and welcomes your comments if it interests you.

Pontiac hobby and looking for the most modern casting available. Our testing reveals that the 87cc casting contains a peak intake flow capacity of cfm and cfm exhaust. All measurements were taken between 10 and 15 inches pressure and mathematically converted to 28 inches.

The company fully expects the Pontiac hobby to follow suit. This may have been in an attempt to create a wedge. While most manufacturers angle the manifold-attaching holes in the head 90 degrees to the sealing surface. I always look forward to checking it out and learning something new. Ford chose to angle the attaching bolts at a more vertical angle.

Our issue was related to oil usage where the engine would consume oil—leading us to think the valveguide seals were bad when the oil was actually coming from a poor seal at the base of several intake ports. Pulling the intake again found more wet gaskets. Possibly it has something to do with the extra thickness of the composition head gaskets throwing off the intake-to-head angle. None would hold up for any period of time.

Holley carb. Gasket Ultraseal. At that point. I decided to go back to the steel core stock gaskets and add a skim of fuel-resistant silicone sealer around each intake port. I noticed that the lower part of the gasket for the intake ports nearest the lifter valley were very wet.

I have a similar small-block Ford with Edelbrock heads. After installation. Either way. I was using stock gaskets with no sealer. The small-block Ford presents a unique issue with sealing the intake manifold to the heads. Symptoms always pointed to a vacuum leak. After much frustration. Thanks for the great column. I chased poor driveability issues with stumbling. Performer RPM intake.

Intake-sealing issues like this are relatively common and not only related to the small-block Ford. They would typically not hold the torque only 22 lb-ft! This has taken care of the problem and makes the car much more fun to drive.

Note that the final torque is applied to the center bolts. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work! Jeff Smith: While swapping to the Air Gap intake.

Ford Motorsport. For years. Baton Rouge. Louis Madison. Bob mentioned using stock gaskets with a steel core. Greg mentioned that one of the most common causes for this kind of leak occurs because the intake manifold and head surfaces are not parallel.

If the upper lead shot is thinner than the lower. The recommendation is that the sealing surface of the intake port be 0. Remove all the bolts on the passenger side and use a. He recommends no more than the thinnest skim coat of RTV if you choose to use it. Chevelles and Camaros are so popular that there are several avenues from which to select a fuel line. Since this is a job I only want to do once.

Then insert lead shot 0. Summit Racing to not only help drop the intake on properly but also assist in a better clamp load on the gasket. West says he does not think changing the tightening sequence will affect the seal. There is no easy way to check the angle of the interface between the manifold and the heads unless you go to lengths of comparing angles taken with a digital angle finder.

I believe they are slip-on lines.

My Chevelle is getting old and has the original hard fuel lines from the tank forward. If the body has never been removed.

Tta Magazine's - Pdf Downloads - More Added November 13th 2018

Studs also reduce the wear and tear on the threads in the head. I plan on removing the gas tank and changing the sending unit. Since you are concerned about corrosion. But there is another option. Employing any of these ideas can only help seal up those pesky intake leaks. For stock or nearstock small-block Ford Windsor heads. There are some ideas that can and do help. If you are a traditionalist. This would be a true test of your bending skills to do correctly. Classic Tube makes a direct replacement fuel line that will be bent in all the right places.

The difficulty will be in fitting it over the rear crossmember since the line runs between the body and the rear crossmember. A possible option is to loosen all the body mounts on both sides. If so. I think there are some quality rubber lines that will last for several years.

Beside hard line and rubber AN line. Then use a female-to-female adapter fitting to attach the two lines at a point where you can access it easily and still snake the line over the crossmember. The hose should last the life of the vehicle and is impervious to all types of fuel. It appears on some Chevelles and El Caminos that it runs down the passenger side of the frame.

This may require bending the line and re-bending it after it makes it thorough the frame. I would cut the line on the front side of the rear crossmember. A number of hose companies like Aeroquip. On the other side. It sounds like you are more interested in long-term solutions—and there is yet another. Check out the sweet junkyard score we stumbled upon in our favorite Pick-Your-Part in Monrovia. I would avoid using a flexible braided stainless AN fuel line. A shortcut involves cutting the fuel line and flaring the ends and installing tube nuts on both ends.

While this is definitely easier to snake thorough the rear crossmember area. From mild to aggressive Howards Cams is at the forefront of the camshaft industry.

Butler Performance in Magazines

Each pump is installed with a combination of heavly-duty integral ball bearings and high strength roller bearings to withstand higher loads. Howards is your answer. O-ring for positive sealing in high pressure applications. These kits come completely balanced and ready for assembly.. Adjustable needles and seats Featuring forged aluminum with a forged dome and valve pockets.

Great for high vacuum applications Actual prices may vary from publication date. From pioneers in drag racing and oval track cams to cutting edge marine development. Precision finished pin bores with pin oilers.. Chev SB at.. They also hold their shine longer. Manual choke. Top rings are made from virtually unbreakable Chev SB CNC machined. Cams at. Fragola in-line filters have the most surface area per inch than any other filter elements in the industry Has been proven in dyno tests to be the best overall performing intake of this type.

Torque limiters to eliminate fastener over tightening. Sets include a 9-keyway crank sprocket along with a Starts at Sets of 8. Of course. We decided that the added hassle of using this PTFEstyle hose was a worthy longterm solution. I had a problem with rusted fuel lines and wanted to install an EFI system on the car.

It is also easy to kink. If you want to know more. CarCraft CarCraft. The hose is stiffer than typical rubber AN hose. Elefant powered by a Ducati engin ia mmodate an extra radiator. Growing up watching the Dakar Rally. The April carbon-fiber unit he made to acco t some fairing repairs due to a recen dirt bike is currently undergoing g to plans to redesign the front fairin crash during a rally in Mexico. CA John Deykes does work on the family cars.

He replaced it with a custom. He the navigation tools. He poured his heart. John gave them the option of getting a typical high school commuter car. It is a torquey 2-stroke from the early s and runs like a champ.

Though he was crushed. He raced both the Baja and twice and still races in the Baja Rally a motorcycle-only event to this day. When his daughters were old enough to drive. Both vehicles were gifted to them in project state for their 16th birthdays. John made sure to include his daughters in the process. Tiana is counting the days until she can cruise with the club. They replaced the fenders with reproduction.

Naya is very involved in the classic-car community. The girls definitely enjoyed the confidence boost in the form of classics cars. When they downloadd the truck. Good at our stores or HarborFreight. Offer good while supplies last. Offer good while supplie per day. LOT NO. Limit one coupon per customer per day.

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Limit ed. Jason Sands. While this is the current trend, we have to ask: How about deep gears? Big stall converters and nitrous plates? You guys better get ready for an old-school performance build, because one is coming! The more we thought about the Dodge, the more we realized this project is right where many people download their own vehicles to modify. It had all the bolt-ons:Because it works! Box Random Post. New York. The D-port casting has a CNC-machined chamber as well.

In extreme circumstances.