ECE TEXT BOOKS - Google Drive GATE ECE NOTES - Google Drive. For preparation, I would suggest G.k publication books, which have solutions for the previous many years Just type the proper book name and author followed by pdf. Sir, I want to know about the book for ecology and evaluation for gate Please provide me good study material for the preparation.. Thanks. Gate Exams for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) comprises of various subjects such as Mathematics Engineering Mathematics Text Books.

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[PDF] Electronics & Communication Engineering GATE Exam Previous Years Our GATE books for ECE are composed by the renowned authors, plus our. MADE Easy Class Notes EC Engineering This is Electronics and Communication (EC) study material for GATE/IES/PSUs exam preparation in the form of. Read the list of 15 important recommended books for GATE EC The competition for GATE Exam is always high and so you must start preparing soon. You can also download this list in PDF by clicking on the button below. For Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE), these are the books you should.

Kashyap did his M. Careers What factors should students consider while taking decision if he should take up a job, prepare for GATE or take some new stream eg.

Kashyap: While taking any decision about the career student should focus on following factors 1.

Topper's Speak

Self-knowledge Student must have knowledge or understanding of one's own capabilities, character, feelings, or motivations. How difficult is GATE for students coming from average rated and state level colleges? Kashyap: No wrong time to start the right thing.

Qualified faculty crisis is a major problem in average rated and state level colleges, and most of the students in these colleges struggle to pass the semester exams, GATE is a far cry for them.

GATE Study Material

Students have to rely on coaching classes and questions banks to fight the semester exams after all these if patience permits then they can think about cracking GATE. If I tell you frankly, there are colleges that are below average.

And I am rating them not on the basis of rank of students who got admissions only but quality of faculties that teach them for 4 years.

Also, focus of major section remains in campus placement rather than higher education. Will it make any difference to the candidates?

Handbook of Computer Science & IT

The candidates are all engineers should be pretty familiar with computers. Change is for all it means online GATE exam will affect all GATE aspirants, because all student have the habit of solving the problem of circuits in the given diagram of question paper itself but in online test they have to draw the circuit diagram in paper first then only they can solve it, hence problem with circuit diagram will take extra time.

IIT should provide at least one full sample paper so that GATE aspirant can get accustom to the question paper pattern and appearance. If I tell you about my students, they have lot of questions related to the functions that will be provided in online exam.

If 1 mock paper is released it will ease up the worries of students. What should be the strategy and focus area for the aspirants at this point? Kashyap: Ideally, students must try to complete the syllabus of GATE by the end of November and they should keep December reserved for revision.

In January and February students should solve previous year questions papers, exercise problems and Mock tests and work on the weak points only. You have around 4 months in hand if you start your preparation now, if you devote hours daily the goal is in reach.


Communication Systems by Sanjay Sharma is an equally good option as B. P Lathi if one is inclined towards simpler language.


Oppenheim, Allan S. Willsky, S.

GATE ECE (Electronics) Made Easy PDF Hand Written Notes, Books – Free Direct Download

Hamid Nawab This book provides the basics for Signals and Systems and approaches every problem from the basic concept. All the theory and basics required are neatly explained. The concepts are well defined and the exercises after each chapter help you master the concepts.

The solution manual is also available online. The book is replete with both example and practice problems.

I myself have given test series from other institutes but the questions are either a notch above the required level or completely out of the box. When things started to go awry in the end, yet again the panel discussion and Dhande Sir's speeches guided me to the shore.

If you can hold your ground during tough times and find a mentor like Dhande Sir any situation will be a cake walk. In order to achieve this I have really taken lot of efforts.

I use to watch videos of Umesh Sir on Youtube these videos really helped me to clear most of my concepts.

I always wanted to join Gate Academy but couldn't since I was working in a private company but these videos on Youtube really helped me. Which saves my valuable time. Youtube videos are really helpful for me, it develops some new tricks to solve the questions.

Their test series really facilitate my hard work to come out as flying colours through this tough exam. For building Gate Aspirants I would like to tell them that no matter what ever be the situation never get discouraged and never give up. Go for excellence. Everyone dreams for success and for that one needs a platform It helped me in every aspect whether it is related to studies or boosting my confidence.

One plus point for me was that I remained connected with the Gate Academy as a content editor even after my classesKashyap: While taking any decision about the career student should focus on following factors 1.

Hamid Nawab This book provides the basics for Signals and Systems and approaches every problem from the basic concept. Had a great experience in learning subjects like Control System, Network Theory, Analog Electronics by Dhande sir as he provides deep knowledge of the subjects. IES is like elite club of students who studied very well with full dedication.

MS is a 3 year course whereas M.

I am primarily focused on my research work and was not interested in the exam. Tech o August 27, at 6: Floyd Electromagnetics — Elements of Electromagnetics by M.